Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pennsylvania Child Support Agency Answers APA’s Fee Questions

PNN: PA Child Support

On April 5, representatives from the Pennsylvania Child Support Program (PCSP) answered questions during an APA Government Relations Task Force (GRTF) Child Support and Other Garnishments subcommittee phone conference regarding the change to a one-time $50 administrative fee. Previously, employers could withhold up to 2% of the amount paid under the order. Federal and regional representatives from the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) also participated.

Answers, Clarification Provided
The following are some of the answers and clarification provided by the PCSP:

  • The one-time $50 administrative fee, which took effect August 30, 2016, applies per employee, rather than per order.
  • Employers are allowed to take the full, one-time $50 fee, even for orders already in place prior to the change from the 2% fee per order.
  • If the employee is transferred to a different employer identification number (EIN) within a company, the employer can take the $50 fee again after the transfer. This applies as long as the EINs are not already linked within the PCSP system.

Future Actions
The APA’s GRTF subcommittee will organize educational materials and lobbying efforts in the future. The material will be aimed at informing state legislators about employer withholding costs in time and money and about the limitations of payroll systems. The OCSE plans to publish guidelines advising that employer fees may be deducted prior to withholding.

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