Friday, October 14, 2016

Seattle Passes Fair Scheduling Legislation - NYC Next?

PNN: Seattle Fair Scheduling

The Seattle City Council unanimously voted to adopt fair scheduling legislation, which requires employers to provide predictable, flexible schedules for employees, effective July 1, 2017. The legislation will be delivered to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who is expected to sign it, since he introduced the legislation in August. Employers will be required to provide employees with the right to rest between work shifts, a good faith estimate of work schedules, and notice of any schedule changes.

Employers Affected

  • Retail and fast food service establishments with more than 500 employees worldwide.
  • Full-service restaurants with more than 500 employees and 40 full-service locations worldwide.

On-Call Pay

  • Employers must provide half-time pay for employees for any shift they are on call and do not get called in to work.

New York City Proposal
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fair scheduling proposal would require fast food employers to schedule a majority of expected shifts and publicly post a workplace schedule two weeks in advance. This proposal would further require employers to provide additional compensation when workers are required to accommodate last minute changes to their schedules for reasons within an employer’s ability to plan or control. The proposal would also address problems created by “clopenings” or shifts that require employees to consecutively work closing and opening shifts with fewer than 10 hours between them.

Check back with Pay News Now as we continue to monitor the status of the proposed legislation in New York City.