Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas Adds Irony to One Payroll Decision

PNN: Paycheck Delivery

Winter storms and other types of inclement weather have a way of impacting employees' decisions about the way they are paid.

APA member Nancy F. says that one of her employees based in Maryland called the payroll department in mid-January to stop his direct deposit.

"Don't deposit any more payments into my bank account," he said. "I want you to give me a check."

Since that's the employee's right in Maryland Nancy complied. Like clockwork, one of the fiercest snow storms ever recorded on the eastern seaboard buried most everything from Northern Virginia to lower New England. Winter Storm Jonas struck on a Friday, the most common payday of the week. Nancy's employee had his paycheck but he didn't manage to deposit it. The federal government (along with banks and businesses) was shut down through the following Wednesday, while the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan area dug itself out. The employee called back: "Please restart my direct deposit!"

APA actively promotes electronic wage payments and encourages states to allow employers greater flexibility to eliminate paper paychecks. Stories like Nancy's shine a light on not only the convenience of electronic payments but also their importance during emergency situations. Each year, dozens of natural disasters interrupt the normal routines of workers and businesses across the country. Putting actual checks into employees' hands can be a struggle. What the employee can do with a check once it's been delivered is another challenge altogether.

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